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The Levin Group LLC is a premier consulting group to Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences companies. We understand the rapidly shifting external challenges for physicians, researchers and healthcare executives when balancing the complex missions of patient care, discovery, and operating profitability.  We have worked with large and emerging pharmaceutical companies, academic medicine and private hospital systems, non-profits and large governmental institutions.

"Working with the Levin Group has enabled us to discover the potential we always knew we had.  Our goal was easy to define; we wanted to go from "Good to Great".  We discovered we were a group of extremely talented individuals that needed to learn to work as a team.  Our daily personal interactions were not allowing us to realize our true potential.

The Levin Group helped us define our strengths as well as our areas for improvement.  We found that the interview process was an intervention that started us on our way.  We were able to address some of the individual and team dynamics that have been standing in our way for years.  As the result of working with the Levin Group we are now on our way to achieving our goal."

Don Mueller
Pediatric Transplant
Children’s Heathcare of Atlanta

"The Levin Group has remarkable skills in identifying the issues, addressing them and planning how to move forward."

Jay Berkelhamer, MD
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

"Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is a merged system of two children's hospitals with very different cultures — one community based and one academic. Integration of management, processes and systems though difficult were simple in comparison to the challenge of collaborating with both medical staffs and helping them to learn to work together.
"Children's has engaged The Levin Group for several projects in which we were aware that helping to bring difficult groups together so that they could collaborate with Children's to achieve a higher vision was the first big challenge. The Levin Group has remarkable skills in identifying the issues, addressing them and planning how to move forward.
"I would highly recommend The Levin Group and would welcome any call to discuss more details of what they did for Children's."

Becky Webster (Former COO)