Manufacturing / Consumer Products

We have worked with complex manufacturing firms around the world from boardroom to shop floor, and from corporate to plant.  We work closely with corporate, regional and local teams, with experienced and emerging leaders to create team alignment, execution excellence, and talent development. 


"Without a doubt, The Levin Group did more for us in developing our leaders, knitting together this organization, and getting our strategies turned into action than any other consulting group we've ever used."

Doug Campbell
Arcadian Coroporation

"We are having conversations we would never have had a year ago. We’re forced to look at things differently. We’re forced to anticipate what we might do today that will be absolutely wrong for the future.”

Brian Kesseler
VP Johnson Controls

"I was originally skeptical that one person could handle such a large, diverse, and difficult group, but you demonstrated the patience, professionalism and tenacity to get the job done."

Stewart Levitan

"Patricia helped me be cognizant of my company's culture and how I could "tweak" my style to be more effective.  Even though I had been a very successful leader in other companies and organizations, Patricia helped me to realize that the same attributes that helped me be successful there, were not necessarily beneficial in this culture.  The big breakthrough was simply accepting that fact.  Coaching with Patricia gave me that insight and the result is improved acceptance and effectiveness within the organization."

Senior Director
Energy Company