About Us

Dr. Patricia Wheeler

Patricia Wheeler is Managing Partner of The Levin Group and an expert in leadership development and executive coaching.  She helps smart people become more effective leaders, raising the bar for their own performance and the performance of the people they lead.  

For the past 20 years, she has worked with senior leaders across the globe, in Fortune 500 to mid-cap organizations. Her clients are talented, knowledgeable executives who must innovate, execute and compete in a complex and increasingly fast-paced world. Her experience spans many industries, including Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Professional Services, Energy, Education, Communications, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Technology, Manufacturing, Consumer Products and Construction.

With her background as a clinical psychologist, Patricia’s approach to coaching is practical and down-to-earth.   She combines extensive experience with her knowledge of cutting-edge research to optimize executive performance and drive bottom-line results.  

Patricia is one of the first coaches certified in the Behavioral Coaching methodology created by world-renowned executive coach, Marshall Goldsmith.  She serves as a coach for the #1 ranked non-university executive education program, the Global Institute for Leadership Development and is the past Managing Director of the global coaching alliance Alexcel.  She was formerly Assistant Professor at Emory University School of Medicine and currently Guest Lecturer at the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University.  She is a contributor to Linkage's Best Practices in Leadership Development and the AMA Handbook of Leadership.

Dr. Lawrence Levin

Larry Levin is Founder and Senior Partner in The Levin Group.  He specializes in working with leadership teams in Global 1000 companies and mid-sized organizations to plan strategic directions and implement critical business initiatives.  His job is to help organizations focus on understanding the dynamics and capabilities of their executive teams, utilizing team-based interventions and coaching techniques to improve C-Level effectiveness and develop better communication.  

Larry typically works with smart and successful people across a range of industries including Manufacturing, Technology, Healthcare, Finance, and A/E/C.  He also specializes in accelerating significant change within complicated systems; usually when businesses have seen results of rapid growth, major technology changes, or when mergers and acquisitions have created complex corporate cultural clash issues.  

His 25 years of consulting experience coupled with his background in psychology makes Dr. Levin a sought after executive coach and trusted advisor.  His approach is pragmatic and results-driven, designed to make both experienced leaders and fast-track executives more effective in their current positions as well as prepared for future marketplace challenges.  He believes that all coaching must be in the context of the business and tied to accomplishing the strategic and critical priorities of the company.

He has written extensively on Top Teaming – how good leadership teams can “raise the bar” to be great teams.