Top Teams

Aligning the Stars

While most healthcare organizations have periodic “retreats,” great executive teams practice the “Art of the Advance” — scheduling deliberate and focused time to ensure that critical issues are discussed and the team is playing to its full potential. Seven variables separate an “artful advance” from a common retreat.

Keeping Talent Engaged Successfully

How does talent engagement translate to your bottom line?

Discussion with Patricia Wheeler, Ph.D.

No More Best Practices?

“What’s the most important leadership gap facing our company?” After hearing answers from his audience of senior leaders, he gave the following perspective:
by Patricia Wheeler, Ph.D.

Taking the "Fuzz" out of Empowerment

Best practices and common pitfalls when promoting employee empowerment.p>

by Patricia Wheeler, Ph.D.

Top Teams in Tough Times

These are tough times for top executive teams faced with a new series of paradoxes that require a new mindset and new thinking about what alignment means. From our research and interviews with senior leaders, there are Seven Essential Practices that top teams must do in these tough times.
by Larry Levin, Ph.D.