For the Coaching Leader

Be Specific

The power of telling people what they’re doing well.
by Patricia Wheeler, Ph.D.

Care of Self and Care of Others

Four steps that will help leaders maintain their energy and focus.
by Patricia Wheeler, Ph.D.

Creating Your Own Success

A simple exercise which will enhance your leadership optimism and success.
by Patricia Wheeler, Ph.D.

Develop Your People - Arrows for the Coaching Leader's Quiver

Coaching Strategies from the locker room. Five tips to boost engagement and performance, how to drive accountability and results with your people, and what does not work.

Discussion with Patricia Wheeler, Ph.D.

Four Tips for the Coaching Manager

Actions that will make a positive difference in developing your people.
by Patricia Wheeler, Ph.D.

Got Stress? Managing in Tough Times

If stress is a constant in our lives, how can we handle it well, so that we maintain a sense of balance and optimism, even during difficult times?
by Patricia Wheeler, Ph.D.

Notes from the Next Generation of Leaders

All leaders who participate in hiring decisions, pay attention! 
by Patricia Wheeler, Ph.D.

Regular Team Maintenance for Better Team Performance

How often does your team pause and reflect on its performance….not only on the financial and operational results you generate, but on what issues the team chooses to take on, and how well members engage with one another on the stuff that matters most.
by Patricia Wheeler, Ph.D.

Reluctance, Resistance and Coaching

Understanding reluctance, obstacles and objections to coaching and how to overcome them.
by Patricia Wheeler, Ph.D.

The Extra Step that Engages Talent

How to create a successful ongoing dialogue with your employees to help them become even more effective.
by Patricia Wheeler, Ph.D.

Whose Side Are You On?

Five keys for creating a positive outcome from a difficult conversation.
by Patricia Wheeler, Ph.D.