Executive Coaching

The Levin Group LLC is an internationally recognized leadership development firm with deep and extensive experience within complex organizations.  The Levin Group’s coaches and consultants draw on a core set of proven solutions and approaches based upon our research and experience developing leaders.  We have the team, and the scale to coach anywhere in the world.

We are experienced executive coaches who offer best-in-class coaching tools and methods, as appropriate to each engagement.  We are also certified in executing the Behavioral Coaching model of renowned Executive Coach Marshall Goldsmith, a highly scalable, efficient and cost-effective model that has demonstrated success with over 86,000 executives across industries and levels of management.

Our Approach:

We define good executive coaching as a relationship between a mission-critical leader and an experienced business consultant that is designed to accelerate the leader’s and his team’s effectiveness in achieving strategic, business and interpersonal outcomes. Coaching must be in the context of focusing on strategic questions such as how to create alignment around the future vision for an organization. It may address transitional challenges such as how to operate successfully in a new role.  It can serve to increase interpersonal awareness and emotional intelligence for leaders who don’t realize their full impact upon others.  And it can address issues of decision-making, risk-taking, and building organizational credibility and courage.

In all cases, we believe the leader’s impact is influenced by larger systems factors: The context in which a leader operates, including the business pressures, strategic imperatives, culture, work processes, and people issues. 

Our approach differs from most Executive Coaching in that:

  • We coach in context -- focusing on linking the role of the leader with achieving the strategic and business imperatives of the enterprise.  We also stay closely involved with key stakeholders.
  • We focus on Leaders in mission critical roles and strategically important positions who must work through those specific leadership challenges necessary to be ready for broader jobs.
  • We bring a depth of psychological knowledge to deepen personal awareness, relational intelligence, and influence.
  • We tailor the best practices in Assessment,  Executive Coaching, Leader and Team Development to drive relevant and sustainable results.
  • We bring deep experience and an unparalleled track record of success in working with smart leaders in complex organizations.
  •  We work with the Leader’s teams to drive alignment and implement the improved behaviors to drive business results

We ensure that our process is customized for each executive following a thorough review and dialogue of the specific situation.  With all of our coaching engagements, we craft and execute a rigorous assessment process customized to the situation at hand and ensure that we provide a strong measurement of results and value.