Leading in both the "Now and the New," represents the new normal and is a paradox that  successful leaders must recognize and manage.


Developing Teams

The questions are many and difficult: How do we bottom-proof our company and grow at the same time? How do we focus on innovation while ensuring we really pay attention to the “basics” of our business? How do we maximize collaboration while restricting travel and meeting expenses?  How do we focus on and develop the people beneath us when we have virtually no time to do so?  And how, as a team, can we really think together and align the organization behind our most critical priorities which can and will shift and change in response to the changing world around us?

Teams at the Top:

Top teams carry with them tremendous collective intelligence, operating experience, and the ability to exert significant influence over their company’s mindset, focus, and performance. They have both the opportunity and obligation to navigate big change and make a significant difference in the future of their organization. And ultimately, they are responsible for dealing with both the “Now and the New”—the current reality and the evolving future.

Experience Matters... Dialogue Matters

We have a real bias for dialogue within Top Teams about the most essential and most difficult issues.  We absolutely believe that Top Teams must be able to table and really talk about those complex issues that face them. This creates a paradox all on its own:  Where does a busy senior team find the time to deal with the big issues? We partner with you to answer these crucial questions and bring your team together to have open and candid dialogue required to address real issues, increase leadership capability, and drive your organization forward.