The Levin Group really helped those of us in Leadership positions to exercise self-knowledge and more deliberate leadership, which has created a sustainable legacy of success.

Robert Campbell, MD, CMO Sibley Heart Center

Developing Leaders

The Levin Group’s approach to developing leaders has evolved from our depth and breadth of experience in helping CEOs and Senior Executives implement their agendas for change and from our executive coaching engagements over the past 20 years.

Developing both experienced and emerging leaders who can successfully implement new business strategies is the most critical factor for success in an increasingly complex business environment.  For this reason, it is imperative to accelerate executive development for your key leaders in a manner that is completely aligned with and focused upon the priorities of your organization. We always focus on developing leaders within this context.

Experience Matters:

The Levin Group LLC is a nationally recognized leadership development firm with deep and extensive experience within complex organizations.  The Levin Group’s coaches and consultants draw on a core set of proven solutions and approaches based upon our research and experience developing leaders.  We have the team, and the scale to coach anywhere in the world.

We define good executive coaching as a relationship between a mission-critical leader and an experienced business consultant designed to accelerate the leader and his or her team’s effectiveness in achieving strategic, business and stakeholder outcomes.

Our coaches act as a strategic partner to the valuable people in your firm who need an experienced confidant and who must work through those specific leadership challenges necessary to be ready for bigger and broader roles.

Our clients consist of both experienced and emerging leaders that we assist in the following ways:

  • Executive Coaching of mission-critical leaders and their teams
  • Assisting leaders as they transition into new roles
  • Helping leaders build the skills and processes they need to effectively develop their people
  • Providing best-in-class training for leadership development and execution excellence