Results with Developing Leaders

"I was fortunate enough to utilize Patricia Wheeler's coaching services while working on a plan to further develop my leadership skills.  Patricia was a wonderful sounding board.  She was able to help me better realize the perception of others, while providing insight and perspective through her many experiences, which I would not have likely found elsewhere.  She also was very helpful in providing actionable activities and reading materials to help further my development and take action on my plans.  I found our engagement to be extremely beneficial."

Telecommunications Company

"Larry has been most perceptive and insightful in analyzing my evolving behavior patterns and environments over almost a decade.  Systematic, strategic, and practical in his approach, he leads a disciplined process of identifying underlying goals and objectives, value systems and “living” these in large or small organizations.  He is sharp, focused, very experienced in many C-level situations, humorous, and, in short, very helpful toward becoming a more effective leader in operational, strategic, or critical situations."

Fortune 50 VP and private equity principal

"We are quite selective on which external coaches and consultants we choose to bring in to our projects.  We trust Patricia personally and professionally to serve as a key part of our executive development team to provide services to our highly valued, and frequently complex, client projects.  We have many certified executive coaches and consultants among whom we can select, and Patricia Wheeler consistently remains at the top of our list."

Consulting firm